The 2nd World Chinese Leadership Summit

The 2nd World Chinese Leadership Summit 

The 2017 World Chinese Business Leadership Summit held in Taipei on September 28th. It is a great honor that Sun Ten Pharmaceutical receives the 16th "Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award 2017". The award is for the enterprise that continuously committed to develop and invent in the professional field with excellent and innovative products.????

The organizer, Chinese Industry Economy Trade Science & Technology Development Association (ICET), Taipei Chamber of Commerce, and Taiwan Creative Economy Association (TCEA), promote the cooperation of Chinese industries around the world, strengthen the economic cooperation between Taiwan and ASEAN countries, and establish a platform to relevant international industries. Well-known scholars and industries all over the world were invited to share their great thinking and experience from different fields.

SUN TEN will commit to the research and development for the products internationally, brand innovation and business management, creating a new stage for the Chinese herbal medicine.

Picture 1 : The former vice president & the premier Wu, Don-Yih presented the award. General Manager of Sun Ten Pharmaceutical, Wu-Chang Chuang accept the award.

Picture 2 : Sun Ten Pharmaceutical wins the 16th "Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award 2017". ????

Picture 3 : Media interview the General Manager of Sun Ten Pharmaceutical, Wu-Chang Chuang.


第二屆 世界華人企業領袖峰會 



照片1 : 前副總統及行政院長吳敦義先生頒獎,順天堂總經理莊武璋先生代表受獎。

照片2 : 順天堂榮獲第十六屆國家品質保證金像獎。

照片3 : 總經理莊武璋先生接受電視台採訪。